Inspiration and Philosophy of Interspectional


In July 2021, I did a panel about my podcast at BlerDCon called “Interspectional: A Black woman-led, sci-fi podcast”. This presentation was a great opportunity to share all that I had learned from doing my podcast over the past year as well as delve into the inspiration behind my podcast. I was also able to share the philosophy of Interspectional with a live audience as well as share clips from some of my favorite episodes. As 2021 draws to close, I hope that we can learn more about each other’s experiences, value each other’s differences and support each other as we face various personal, relationship and systemic difficulties. That hope is what is truly behind the podcast and you’ll learn more about that in this episode. 

Show notes:

You can find the Audre Lorde clip here

And the episodes that I reference in this presentation are The Legacy of Sleepy HollowPOC and Period Drama, Vampires, Class and the Presentation of Privilege and TV Writers Advocating for Authentic Stories

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