TV Writers Advocating for Authentic Stories


Whenever we see something problematic or insensitive on our TV screens or streaming shows, we often ask, “Who wrote this? Who was in the room??” In this episode, I talk to three TV writers who are not only in the room, but are apart of a growing movement to improve the working conditions for underrepresented writers as well as improving the quality and authenticity of the stories that make it to our screens. Co-executive producer of NBC’s New Amsterdam and Peacock’s Vampire Academy, Y. Shireen Razack,  co-executive producer of CW’s Life After First Failure, Tawal Panyacosit Jr. and researcher on Grey’s Anatomy and story editor on Station 19, Barbara Friend talk about their experiences in Hollywood as well as their organization, Think Tank for Inclusion and Equity (TTIE pronounced “tie”), an “intersectional consortium of TV writers committed to increasing inclusion & equity and improving work conditions for all TV writers.”

You can learn more about Think Tank for Inclusion and Equity here and follow them on Twitter at @writeinclusion. 

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