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History of Fanfiction with Tara O'Shea Interspectional

  1. History of Fanfiction with Tara O'Shea
  2. My First Star Trek Convention: A Review of Farpoint Convention
  3. Tranquil Ashes: Cosplayer, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Black Mermaid Day
  4. Evolving The Sci-Fi Media Narrative

Latest Episodes

History of (Internet) Fanfiction

This episode is like of a retrospective of internet fanfiction starting for the early days of late 80’s with UserNet to modern day social media and how that has influenced fannish behaviors. I talk to my friend Tara O’Shea who…

Farpoint Convention Review

For my first convention review, I’m joined by journalist, Dean Rogers of pop culture news site, The Rogers Revue. Together, we discuss our collective and separate experiences at the convention as well as some general best practices for going to…

Spotlight on Tranquil Ashes

Anita aka Tranquil Ashes has crafted her own cosplay brand and business in nerdy/blerdy game for a decade. Using her connections and influence to create more inclusive spaces for other black and brown artists and creators, she has become positive…

Latest Blog Posts

Guest Blog: Representatives Are Not Representation

A note from Latisha: I met Jer the way a lot of us meet new friends these days, passionately discussing topics on Twitter. What has always impressed me about Jer is how thoughtful and insightful they are about the topics…

These Are The Voyages… of Hope

What do you do when you have a crisis of faith or you’ve lost hope? This is the question that most of the new Trek series ask of their characters and of the audience in their series premieres. In Discovery,…

What Role Does Whimsy Play In Survival?

Earlier this year, I interviewed Jasmine La Fleur, the founder of Black Fae Day (her picture is at the top of this blog post). It was so great to not only learn about the events and people that inspired her,…

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Interspectional is a podcast focused on having introspective, intersectional conversations about speculative media.

Interspectional is hosted by Latisha Jones, a life-long Blerd (Black nerd) with a background in education, screenwriting and anti-oppression work.

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