History of (Internet) Fanfiction

History of Fanfiction with Tara O'Shea Interspectional

This episode is like of a retrospective of internet fanfiction starting for the early days of late 80’s with UserNet to modern day social media and how that has influenced fannish behaviors. I talk to my friend Tara O’Shea who is like a fandom OG, bard and storyteller. She is a Award-winning editor, journalist, illustrator, and designer. She co-edited the Hugo Award-winning book “Chicks Love Time Lords”, has been on the planning committee of conventions all over the country and currently works as a graphic designer. From message boards to fanfiction.net, to Archive of Our Own, to Fanlore… Tara has been there, so gather ’round fans old and new, and we will tell you the tale of where we have been. 

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