Vampires, Class and Presentation of Privilege


Queen of the Damned, True Blood, Blade, Vampire Diaries, Buffy. In this episode, Afrofuturism researcher and soon-to-be published doctoral student, D’arcee Charington Neal, Associate Editor of the inclusive geek space, Quirktastic, and practicing mental health counselor, Anjé McLish and I discuss all things vampire. We talk about the politics of these fictional vampire societies and how vampires as a proxy for beauty, wealth and temptation as well as answering that greatest of all questions: Are all vampires project partners? This is a fun, slight meandering, but ultimately insightful episode about that different ways this “monster” is used to talk about ourselves and our society’s norms. By framing vampire stories in the terms of privilege, we get to examine wealth, access and power through this fun sci-fi/horror lens. Check it out.

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