Farpoint Convention Review

My First Star Trek Convention: A Review of Farpoint Convention Interspectional

For my first convention review, I’m joined by journalist, Dean Rogers of pop culture news site, The Rogers Revue. Together, we discuss our collective and separate experiences at the convention as well as some general best practices for going to a convention. As a frequent comic con attendee myself, I was struck by the differences and similarities that I experienced in this convention space. Dean and I cover subjects from the current state of fandom to the emotional experience of celebrity interactions and between all that, I give Farpoint my convention score with my new “convention rubic”. Have a listen and I can’t wait to hear what you think. 

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Latisha and Dean! ❤️ Wanted to let you know that the karaoke team publicly apologized at the end of the convention meeting for the problematic song selection and removed it from their catalog immediately. We are happy to welcome Latisha and Interspectional to the Farpoint team of media friends.


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